Tabidoo’s Terminology

Tabidoo consists of Tables, as you know from the Excel file. In tables, you manage records. In Templates, you can find ready-made applications for your use.

In order to better understand the entire system, it is important to be familiar with comprehensible terminology in Tabidoo.


Applications are the cornerstone of Tabidoo. In each application, you can create your own tables that you know from Excel.

The appearance of the applications in Tabidoo


If you want to divide tables into groups, you can use modules. This is very useful if you have too many tables in one application. Or you want to share e.g. contacts between HR, CRM, etc. Then you can create one app for all these modules and assign tables to them.

Modules in Tabidoo


You can freely add records to the tables and design the data structure exactly to your liking. In Tabidoo, we often use the name Grid for a table.
For example, in the Order System application, you can have a Customers table, an Orders table, a Suppliers table, an Assortment table, etc.

Table in Tabidoo


Tables consist of individual records, in other words, rows that you can easily add, edit or delete.

Record in Tabidoo


Each Record you add to a Table is composed of individual Fields, which you may freely edit. Do you need to record a Name, Surname, Address, E-mail, and Telephone Number in your Customers Table? You can simply create these fields in the Table.

Field in Tabidoo


Templates are ready-made applications that will help you in your work. You can easily customize these templates.

Templates in Tabidoo