Updating Application To Templates

If you make any corrections in your application, the change will not automatically appear in the template made from this app. See how to make it manually.

Do you want a change made in your application to show up in Template as well? Then keep reading!

First of all, it is important to clear out that if you make any corrections or add a new table in your application, it won't automatically appear in the template.

You have to do it manually, how?

The steps are the same as when you were publishing your app into Templates, which means:

  • You select Publish to Templates from options in the settings.

Publishing app into Templates

  • After choosing Privacy and Behavior of published tables (See more in the previous chapter - Publishing Application into Templates), you simply Publish it.

The system will automatically project the changes into the already published template. However, the change won't be seen yet in already downloaded ones.

How to reflect a change in an already downloaded template

  • To project the change into the already downloaded template you have to "Add new table" in it and choose the option Import from Templates.

  • You then select from all the templates the Original Template and download it. The changes will be automatically transferred from the template into your current application made from that template.