Digital Company - Operation

This module is designed for all internal company agendas that are related to the operation of your company - company password registration, issued access keys and cards...

This module is designed for all internal company agendas that are related to the operation of your company.

Digital Company - Operation

The security of your data is very important and therefore the solution includes for example company password registration, thanks to which you will have information about who knows what password and in case an employee leaves your company, what passwords you should change.

Furthermore, you will have a record of issued access keys and cards, which are prepared for you for printing in the context of the entry or departure of a new employee.

The module also includes security incident handling or an accident book that you can keep online.

The module Operation consists of the following tables:


Do you use software and apps to which you need to assign passwords and access? Keep track of them smartly with Tabidoo. You will immediately see who has access to what.

Keys and entrance cards

Tabidoo won’t find your lost keys. But it will tell you who should have them. You can monitor the status of access cards, assign them to individuals or order new ones in time.


Sometimes unexpected things happen in the workplace. For these situations, you should have appropriate documentation and protocols in place. With Tabidoo, you will avoid the annoying search for details.

Accident book

We do not wish work accidents to anyone, but when they occur, it is in everybody’s best interest to make proper records so that the situation can be dealt with as quickly as possible.

Assigned accesses

In addition to tags, you can also use biometric security or manage access to corporate data storage. With Tabidoo you will clearly and immediately see who has what level of authorization.

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