Create Table

Tables as you know them from Excel or other applications. How to make them and organize them in Tabidoo, how to set them up and edit them.

A table consists of columns and records which can contain text, a number, a check box, a calendar, or another type of data. You can create it in Tabidoo or import it from Excel.

The appearance of a table in Tabidoo

How to create a new table

Click on the icon of the application in which you want to create the table. On the home screen, you will see the following options for adding a new table:

  • create a new custom table
  • import Templates
  • import from Excel

Select the option you want to use and click on the button next to that option.

Options of adding a new table in Tabidoo

Create your own table

Name the table, using up to 100 characters, and select its icon. In the beginning, it is always a good idea to set up your own system for labeling tables.

Creating your own table in Tabidoo

In the advanced settings, you can choose the display, the GDPR settings, or the description of the table. Save the settings and continue.

Select the field type

In this step, you choose whether you want to have text, a number, a check box, or another data format in your table. We go through them in more detail in the chapter Types of Data Entries.

Types of data entries in Tabidoo

Each of the columns/types of data entries must be named.

Under the icons of data entry types, you will find the Required field option. Use it, if you want this field to always be filled in.

Add other fields to the table

Once you save the data creation, the environment of the newly created table will appear in front of you. If you wish to edit it further, click on the gear icon in the left column. The menu of the table will then appear.

How to edit table settings in Tabidoo

Select the item Table Settings.

Select another data type you want to add. It is then automatically assigned to the existing data. You can specify the order yourself.

Entering data into a table

If you wish to enter or edit data in a table, use the Add - Edit buttons - Delete icon, which can be found under the name of the table.

Add, edit, or delete data in a Tabidoo table

  • Use the Add button to add new data to the prepared tables.
  • Use the Edit button to edit the existing data.
  • Use the Delete icon to delete the selected data.
  • Other icons will help you upload data from the server, import data, export data, or view editing history.

Did you know that in Tabidoo you can select more records and delete them? Simply hold Ctrl and select the records. Afterwards, use the Delete .

View sharing and other functions

Next to the search box, there are icons that will help you easily and quickly manage the table view.

How to manage Table view in Tabidoo

  • Use the icon of labels to display the settings of the table (for example, with whom it is shared and with what rights).
  • The grid icon allows you to change the display (table, tabs, calendar).
  • The last icon of the square allows you to view the table in full-screen mode.

How to find data in a table? Use the search box in the upper-right corner or press CTRL + F.