Digital Company - CRM

Thanks to this module, you will get a simple directory of your business partners, and the ability to manage your business opportunities and orders...

Need help with keeping track of orders, invoices received or issued? For Tabidoo it's a piece of cake :-)

This module will bring clarity and order to your company's business. Thanks to this module, you will get a simple directory of your business partners, as well as the ability to manage all business processes in one place in the form of registration and management of business opportunities and orders.

Digital company - Business module

A module CRM consists of the following tables:


Tabidoo allows you to keep records of your business partners. Both your existing customers and potential future partners.


Contacts are essential for any business. In Tabidoo, you can assign contacts to individual companies and share them with selected team members.


You will never get lost again in your orders and you will have them under control. Sort orders according to any criteria, such as current status or value.

Business opportunities

Registering and managing business opportunities is especially crucial for efficient business. This way, your company will be receiving a continuous and controlled flow of orders.

Business meetings

Every meeting has a result, whether it is a record or a signed contract. With smart records, you will have this information at your disposal.


You can finally process orders systematically. You will immediately see the status of your orders and who manages them.

Received invoices

Records of received invoices are important for monitoring cash flow and, of course, maintaining good relationships with suppliers. Tabidoo will help you approve received invoices and your accountant will always have them at hand.

Issued invoices

Tabidoo records issued invoices and monitors their due date. You will see right away who is late and who is a reliable payer.

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