Application development and testing

For the development and testing of the application it is necessary to have 4 versions of the application:

1. App Master 

  • developer's original app
  • the developer will make all improvements to it
  • the client has no access to it

2. App Template

  • is App Master published in the section Private template 
  • you update it with all the improvements from the App Master
  • the client has no access to it but he can download it

3. App PROD (Production)  

  • copy of the App Template downloaded by client 
  • the application used by the client only 
  • no improvements are made in it 
  • updates from App Templates are made after approved improvements, which the client will test in the BV application.

4. App BV (Business Verification)

  • second copy of the App Template downloaded by client
  • the application used by the client only
  • an application that the client uses only to test new improvements by updating from the App Template



Developer create a master app ‘App Master‘ and publish it on Template section as a private template ‘App Template‘. When publishing, the developer sets that the client can download this application template.

  • So the Developer has two applications. In the first main 'App Master' he develops, creates improvements and then updates the second app 'App Template' * to reflect those improvements.

The Client downloads a copy of the template, so he has ‘App PROD’. Only the client works with this copy and it will be used as his main application.

The Client will want improvements to his application ‘App PROD’. The Developer will create these improvements in the main ‘App Master’, where after editing, he will go to the private templates section and make an update to ‘App Templates’ to include the improvements. The Client downloads a second, already improved copy of ‘App Templates’ and this will be his ‘App BV’, where he tests the applied changes.

  • So the Client has ‘App PROD’, the first original copy of ‘App Template’ and a second copy ‘App BV’ **, where he periodically updates the applied improvements and tests them.

The 'App PROD' update will only be made if the client agrees to the applied change.

For any further improvements:

  1. The client will be instructed by the developer to reflect the improvements in the 'App Template', 
  2. The client always updates the improvements from the 'App Template' to the 'App BV' first, to test.
  3. If the client agrees to the improvements, he will also reflect the improvements in the 'App PROD'.


* 'App Template' is updated by giving the option to publish to templates again in ‘App Master’.

** To update ‘App PROD’ and ‘App BV’, click Add new table, Import from Templates and search for ‘App Template’.