What is Tabidoo?

Tabidoo is a system for creating tables and lists of tables. Thanks to them, you can organize your data, have everything in one place, share it with your colleagues and much more.

Tabidoo is a simple web application that helps companies digitize all operational records that they often keep in paper form in excel or sub-applications.

Simply put, all businesses have some sort of customers, contracts, projects, assets, employees, or anything else. Tabidoo helps companies easily record, manage and control this data. 

In Tabidoo, you can easily create any kind of spreadsheet where you can easily, clearly, and securely keep track of your data.

Tabidoo features

There are many features built into the Tabidoo. Let's take a look at a few of them. 

  • Create applications and individual tables in them.
  • Edit, delete, or connect the data between tables.
  • Import data from excel or other programs.
  • Share your applications with colleagues and give each user special rights.
  • Create notifications, reports, and much more...

Users are invited to Tabidoo by email. You can set unique access rights for each application. This makes Tabidoo a reliable guardian where your data is safe.

Pricing policy

In Tabidoo, you don't pay for individual users, but for the number of apps, tables and records. For more information on pricing plans, please visit our price list.