Payment & Subscription

How to subscribe to Tabidoo, how to cancel a subscription, where to look for invoices, and how to upgrade your subscription plan.

In the user settings menu (in the upper right corner) you will find the item Payments and billing info.

Payments and billing info in Tabidoo

Here you fill in your billing details and find your payment history and paid invoices.

Payments in Tabidoo are made by a payment card. The invoice will then be sent to your e-mail automatically. If you need to change this setting, contact us on the web chat or at

Tabidoo subscription

In the user settings, you will also find an item called Subscription. If you want to upgrade your current plan, just click on the Upgrade plan button next to the plan you wish to select.

Subscription in Tabidoo

In Tabidoo, we can also prepare customized subscriptions. If you are interested in this, go to the section Subscription and click on Contact Support.

Subscription cancellation

If you have decided to cancel your Tabidoo subscription, just click on Cancel subscription. This option will appear in the section Subscription in Settings after you have paid for the subscription.

Your subscription will then expire at the end of the subscription period.