Create Application

An easy way to organize your data. Create a new application or use our ready-made ones.

Applications are the elementary building blocks in Tabidoo. You can have one for each project or you can summarize all important data in a single application. It is up to you.

How to create an Application

Log in to Tabidoo and click on the  + Create new app button on the home screen.

How to create/add an application in Tabidoo

In the menu you can now choose whether you want to create a completely new application or import a template from Templates.

Select the option to create a new app in the upper-right menu under the Add application button.

On your screen, there will appear the option to select an icon for the application, to choose a name, and other application settings.

How to modify an application in Tabidoo.

It can have a maximum of 100 characters. You can edit the icon, name, and color and instead of the icon, you can also set a photo or logo (maximum image size is width and height 480 px).

Do not forget to Save the data.

Application sharing

With Application sharing, you can add users to an application and share with them the data in that application.

In the upper-right corner of an Application, you will find the + Invite button. Invite users by e-mail and set their own roles.

You can manage permissions and roles by downloading the Users and Roles extension from Templates for free.