In this chapter, you will learn how to style form fields using Scripting.

There may be situations where you need to highlight a field on a form for a user. For example, you want to warn the user not to overlook a field.

You can highlight each field using the setStyle method. The method can be used in two ways:

1. Set field style using Tabidoo prepared styles (Warning, Danger, Primary, ...) 

setStyle(style: DooFieldStyle)

Example: set the prepared Warning style on the firstname field.



2. Set custom field style (using CSS styles)

setStyle(customStyle: IDooFieldStyle)

Example: set the foreground color of the firstname field label to red.

doo.model.firstname.setStyle({labelStyle: { color: 'red' }});

  • IDooFieldStyle - interface for custom field style
    • labelStyle? - field label style - use standard CSS styles (eg. { color: 'red' })
    • wrapperStyle? - field wrapper style - use standard CSS styles (eg. { background: 'red' })