Multilingual Applications

In Tabidoo, you can have Applications and Tables in any language. The interface itself is in six world languages. How to set the language and create a multilingual application.

If you are creating an application for multilingual teams, you can create it for each country’s team in its own language but with shared data.

They are excellent for international teams or projects. The data in applications can be in a common language of your choice (e.g. English), but the names of columns or controls can be in the given team’s language.

How to do it?

  1. Create an application in the first language. This language should be English.
  2. In the advanced settings, check the Multilingual application check box.
  3. A menu for language selection will appear in the upper-right corner next to the application name.
  4. Select the language of the first application and save it.
  5. Click on the language drop-down menu and choose the next language in which you want to create the application.
  6. Fill in the name and save it. Follow the same steps for all languages.
  7. You need to repeat the same process when you are filling in the names of columns (records) in each multilingual table. The language switching menu can be found in the top-right part of the screen. For each record, fill in the field name in all selected languages.