Digital Company - Asset Management

Thanks to the module, you get a complete overview of your company's property - registering cars, computers, phones, printers, and anything else...

Thanks to the module Asset Management, you get a complete overview of your company's property. It will help you with registering cars, computers, phones, printers, and anything else. Tabidoo also brings you solutions for processes related to the management and maintenance of the asset of your company.

Digital company - Asset Management

You will have complete control over your assets, as Tabidoo takes care of important deadlines and guarantees for you. Thanks to our application, you also get the possibility to implement handover processes when issuing or returning company assets.

From Tabidoo, you can simply print a handover report for the property entrusted to an employee.

Asset Management consists of the following tables:

Vehicle fleet

Get a count of your cars, trucks, or trailers right away thanks to Tabidoo. You can also register any information about each vehicle or simply resolve service, inspections, or any defects.

Office equipment

Have a complete overview of every computer, phone, tablet, or printer thanks to the simple and efficient management of assets in Tabidoo. You will always clearly see who bought which asset, where and for how much. Where a contract or other document is needed for it, when the asset needs servicing or who is currently using it.


Do you have offices, warehouses, buildings, or land? With Tabidoo, you will have a clear overview of all property. You can schedule maintenance, keep records of tenants or the condition of the real estate, or resolve defects. At the same time, you will be able to find out where there is still free space that can be used.

Revisions and inspections

Building inspections, gas and chimney inspections, or MOT inspections will be under control and in one place. Tabidoo immediately reminds you which inspection can no longer be postponed.

Transmission processes

If your employees use company equipment, it is important to manage the condition of tools and other equipment and know who is currently using them. Make sure everything is handed over properly.

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