Data Views

In Tabidoo, you can display data in three types of views - grid, cards (kanban) or calendar. Let's take a look at each of them.

Grid view

Grid view in Tabidoo

In this view, you can view all records in a single page or multiple pages, depending on the number of records. It provides an overview of all records so you can edit or delete them if necessary.

if your table contains a link to the same table (parent-children), then you can enable hierarchical view (tree view) for this link item (toggle the Use as hierarchy (tree) field) and the data will be displayed as a tree. The whole tree can be expanded/collapsed using the context menu in the tree column header. This option will be saved and used the next time this table is loaded for the first time (the first time the table is displayed after entering the application).

Did you know that in Tabidoo you can select more records and delete them? Simply hold Ctrl and select the records. Then click on "delete" in the main menu.

Card view

Card view in Tabidoo

Another view type in Tabidoo is the Card view (kanban). In case your records include pictures, cards provide a nice visualization. Another advantage of this view type is that you can easily manipulate each record and change their orders by easily moving them on the screen.

Card view settings

Above the cards, you can find settings options. 

The first option is Group by - groups the cards into columns depending on the selected grouping value. You can then easily move records between columns.

You can also use the Sort by option - it will sort the cards in the columns by the selected value. Similarly, you can filter these records or hide empty columns.

Calendar view

Calendar view in Tabidoo

The last view option is Calendar. You can keep track of the dates of all your projects, tasks or all your scheduled meetings.

In the top right corner, you can select whether to display the overview for a month, week, or day or if you will see it as a list.

Calendar view options

Moreover, you can select which fields will display as the description of the record in the calendar view when you click on the arrow on the right side of the record and choose the card fields.

You can also change the selected card field description directly in the calendar view.

Calendar view options

In the upper left corner, you can select the Date from and Date to and use filters.  

Calendar view settings

The Date from and Date to can also be set directly in the advanced field settings.

Date from and Date to in the advanced features

To select one of these views as the default, you must save the active view.