Widget - Speedometer

A speedometer is a type of widget. It is a dial with different colors that divide the scale into several parts.

A speedometer is a dial with different colours that divide the scale into several parts.

An example of the speedometer in Tabidoo

Speedometer settings

  • Data from the table - Select the source table from which you want to display your data in the speedometer.

Select the source table

  • Ranges - It is essential to set up each range of the speedometer - its value and colour.

How to set up ranges in Speedometer

  • Filters - Define the specific data that will be displayed in the widget (for example some value from dropdown or checkbox). Moreover, you can link those filters with the user filters used in your table.

How to set up filters in Speedometer

  • Formatting - You can add a unit prefix or suffix (For example EUR, KG...)

How to format the Speedometer

  • Widget appearance - Lastly, you can set up the speedometer background, angle, and width.

How to setup widget appearance