Digital Company - Human Resources

This module gives you an overview of your company's human resources - internal or external employees, concluded personnel contracts, or selection processes.

This module gives you an overview of your company's human resources. In one place you will find all information about internal or external employees. You will also find information about employment contracts or even selection processes.

Digital company - Human Resources

The HR system consists of the following tables:

Internal employees

Get a perfect overview of the people who work in the company. In Tabidoo you will see information about individual employees, which you can use for HR management purposes.

External employees

Does your company cooperate with freelancers and external collaborators? It could be challenging to manage external persons until you start using Tabidoo. You can immediately create a database of entire business collaboration.

Employment contracts

Having an overview of employment contracts is extremely important. You can get such an overview in Tabidoo, along with online access to all documents.


Are you looking for new employees? You know you have some smart people in the database, but you can't remember where? Thanks to Tabidoo, you will immediately find out who is the right candidate for your company.

Selection processes

Organizing selection procedures right is hard work. But not with Tabidoo. Tabidoo will make the process easy by allowing you to set important criteria and record all candidates.

Working positions

Promoting an employee can make a mess of administrative files. A promoted employee may gain higher access rights to data or get a company car. All the records are made correctly thanks to Tabidoo.

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