Form Designer

Would you like to customize the edit form to your expectations? To adjust the width of the fields, adjust the order or sort the fields into different categories?

1. Open the Table settings

2. Select the Table fields

3. Click on the Form Designer button at the bottom of the window.

Button to open the Form designer


Setup for field width

Field width - specify whether the field should be full row, half row or smaller size

Category - place your fields into different tabs

Order - you can move the field forward/backward

Hide/Show sidebar - hide/show sidebar on the form

Others – the field is displayed on a separate tab (for example when you have multiple linked tables in an edit form)

Setup for the form

Form width - you can choose between normal and large (wide) form

Hide sidebar - the side bar with audit data etc. is not visible

Save actions - this can change the Save buttons on the form. Please, do not use all of them as this can be very confusing for users.

  • Save & Close - Saves data and close the form. This is a default behavior.
  • Save & New - Saves data and opens the form for a new input.
  • Save & Duplicate - Saves data and opens the form with prefilled values.
  • Save & Stay - Saves data and leave the form open.