It is possible to open an input form in JavaScript. The form does not need to be from the same table as you are in and you can prefill values from the current record. You can even create your own form by defining table fields.

The usage is pretty wide. You can prefill records in a table based on the currently selected records. Even records from another table.

You can use one of the functions in the doo.form namespace to manipulate with form object:


  • async openForm(tableNameOrId, options?, applicationId?) 
    It opens an input form for the table (use table name or id). 
    options and applicationId are optional 
  • saveAndStay
    Save the current form and leave it open. Beta functionality. The function can be moved or renamed!
  • updateCalculatedFields
    Reload data in form. Tries to recalculate the server calculations and fill them back to the form. Beta functionality. It is not guarateed to work!

Example #1 - options parameter - define and use

const options: IOpenFormOptions = {};
await doo.form.openForm(tableName, options);

In parameter options you can fill several properties: 

  • model to prefill the form.

Example #2 - options.model parameter - opens a new form

options.model = {
         name: 'Peter',
         position: doo.model.preposition.value


Example #3 - options.model parameter - opens an edit form - use id in model

options.model: {
         position: doo.model.preposition.value
  • header - form title

Example #4 - options.header parameter

options.header = 'People';
  • fields to define own form, it's a list of form fields where you can define (in this case you do not need to specify the tableNameOrId parameter, just write null)
    • name - internal name of field
    • header - form label, optional parameter (form generate header from name)
    • dataType - type of field (Text, Radio, DropDown, Date ...)
    • order - position on form
    • items - values for Radio, DropDown and Multichoice field
    • defaultValue - prefill field on form
    • checkboxDynamicListDefaultValues - predefined values of Checklist field
    • required - field must be fill
    • linkedTableNameOrId - name or id linked table
    • tableLinkType - type of link binding (One To One, Many To One)
    • wholeWidth - field is over whole form

Example #5 - options.fields parameter - defines this new form 

    options.fields = <IField[]>[
            name: 'firstName',
            header: 'First name',
            order: 10
            name: 'lastName',
            header: 'Last name',
            order: 20
            name: 'age',
            dataType: SchemaColumnDataType.Int,
            order: 30
            name: 'profession',
            dataType: SchemaColumnDataType.Dropdown,
            order: 40,
            items: [
                { value: "Actor", order: 10 },
                { value: "Director", order: 20 },
                { value: "Producent", order: 30 }
            defaultValue: "Actor"
            name: 'location',
            dataType: SchemaColumnDataType.Link,
            linkedSchemaNameOrId: 'location',
            schemaLinkType: DataSchemaLinkTypeEnum.LN21,
            order: 50
  • saveButtonCallback function that is executed when the Save button is clicked and closes the form if it returns true

Example #6 - options.saveButtonCallback parameter - save values this form to table in application

    options.saveButtonCallback = async (params) => {
        let fields = {
            firstName: params.model['firstName'].value,
            lastName: params.model['lastName'].value,
            age: params.model['age'].value,
            profession: params.model['profession'].value,
            location: params.model['location'].value

        await doo.table.createRecord('people', fields);
        return true;