Custom Domain - Settings

If you host Tabidoo on your own domain, you have, among other benefits, many more options for setting up the environment.

Hosting Tabidoo under your domain makes your users more connected to applications. However, there are many other benefits as well.

Thanks to the custom URL, the environment is instantly identifiable and can therefore be changed from the first screen to the database.

All of the setting are done in hosting configuration which we take care of. In case you need to change any of these settings, contact us

Main benefits:


You are able to change the logos and colors on the Tabidoo screen. 

To be honest, it's not Tabidoo anymore. In fact, you can change the name of the app too.

DrMax brand

Outgoing email address

Notifications, password reset etc. can be sent from your email -

Dedicated database

You can place your data into dedicated database. Place it into data center of your choice.

Password requirements

Define your own minimum length, expiration or special chars requirement. You can define away-from-screen timeout, suppress google/facebook login.


Use Active Directory Federation Services for login.

Hide Tabidoo chat/Help Center

It's up to you if we display Tabidoo chat, Help Center menu, etc.

Customize user support

Create your account by

Then you can insert your own User tours, Hints, Chats, Knowledge base and many other features to your application.

Terms and Conditions

Can be customized.

Data Processing Agreement

Can be customized.