Our developers have designed this extension to simplify your company's process and meet your long term requirements to Tabidoo.

This feature not only replaces and improves the old Notifications extension, it also helps to replace your old scripts with a simple and effective solution for which you do not need any programmer but can do on your own.

In the Workflow Automation you will work with two terms and that are the "trigger" (record is changed, deleted, exact date...) which will call a certain "action" (sending notification by email, create report, send webhood action...).

Let's take a look at it together!

In what specific cases can Workflow Automation help you?

  • Workflow for approval processes (for example: approval of orders, received or issued invoices)
  • Assigning tasks to individual employees
  • Automatic locking of a record after a certain state change (e.g. contract or invoicing closure)
  • Moving a candidate from the selection procedure to the staff,
    moving a business opportunity into a contract
  • Security incident reporting
  • Update your records by excel at the certain time period

And many others...

How to use it?

1) Download the extension "Workflow Automation" into your application

2) Select the option "Add a new record"

Add a new record and start using Workflow Automation

3) Now it is necessary to select which event will start the workflow, as we mentioned earlier, we will call it a "trigger".

Select the trigger for starting your Workflow automation

We can divide triggers into 3 categories:

A) When record changed

Do want to receive a notification/run script or anything else, when certain records are created, changed or deleted? Choose the right table and select any condition mentioned.

How to setup the trigger - When record changed

B) When it's time

Do you want to for example receive the notification a week before an invoice is due?

Select this trigger and afterwards choose the source table, timing and the right field type date.

How to setup the trigger - When it's time 

C) At scheduled time

Do you want an invoice to be automatically sent to the customer each month for services rendered?

Select this trigger, from the options displayed choose "Monthly" and select the exact day and time for the execution.

How to setup the trigger - When it's time

4) Now it is time to set an action which will we will call as a trigger by clicking on the option "Add action" under the trigger settings.

We can divide actions into:

Add action and start the Workflow automation

How to stop the workflow?

In case you want to stop the workflow permanently, simply delete it as you are used with any other record in Tabidoo. However, if you want to just pause it, select the option "Disabled" which is situated in the workflow settings next to the workflow name.  

Disable your Workflow easily