This type of widget is useful for seeing the summary of important fields in the table and their data.

An example of the Summary panel in Tabidoo

The settings are following:

1) Data from table - Choose the source table for your data which will be displayed in the Summary panel. If you want to display data from the custom source, you have to add some in Data source extension.

How to choose the source table in the Summary panel

2) Field - Select the source fields from where you want to sum up the data from in the summary panel. Moreover, choose whether the data will have ascending or descending tendendy.

How to select the source field in the Summary panel

3) Summary - You can choose whether the data will appear as a count or if they will be grouped by any other field of the table.

How to summary the data in the Summary panel

4) Filters - by using filters you can specificate into detail which concrete data you want to appear in the summary panel.

How to use filters in the Summary panel

5) Formatting - You can add unit prefix or unit suffix. Moreover, you can setup maximum fields and number of items to appear in fullscreen.

How to formate the Summary panel