If you wish to import boards from Trello, all you need to do is select Add application and then Import Trello JSON file.

The import time depends on the number of cards and the number and size of attachments that are to be downloaded from the Trello file server. Importing a Trello JSON file can take several minutes.

How to import a JSON file from Trello to Tabidoo?
How to import a JSON file from Trello to Tabidoo?

How to get a JSON file from Trello

In order to get a Trello JSON file, log in to the Trello application, select the desired board, and in the right Menu, select More -> Print and Export -> Export to JSON.

The Trello JSON file does not contain attachments, but only a link to download the attachments from the Trello file server. Therefore, when importing, the availability of attachments depends on that server. If the attachment is downloaded to Tabidoo during the import, it will no longer depend on the Trello file server.

How to add users

After the import, download the Users table and add e-mail addresses to it - e-mails are not included in Trello JSON, therefore we cannot import them automatically.

By adding e-mail addresses, you will automatically invite these users to your Doollo application in Tabidoo.

Add more boards

In order to add another board, download the new Doollo table from Templates via the Add new table button or import another Trello JSON file.