In order to better understand the entire system, it is important to be familiar with comprehensible terminology in Tabidoo.


Every application you create in Tabidoo consists of Tables, just as you know it from an Excel file. You can freely add items to the Tables and design the data structure exactly as you need it.

In the application Ordering System, you may have, for example, Customers Table, Orders Table, Suppliers Table, Assortment Table, etc.

Spreadsheet in Tabidoo


In a Table, you manage your data in an organized way. This data is composed of individual Records, which you can easily add, edit or delete.

Record in Tabidoo


Each Record you add to a Table is composed of individual Fields, which you may freely edit. Do you need to record a Name, Surname, Address, E-mail, Telephone Number in your Customers Table? You can simply create these fields in the Table.

Field in Tabidoo


Are you looking for a specific application or do you just want to take inspiration from a ready-made application? Take a look at Templates where you can find ready-made applications for your use. You can freely customize these applications so that they suit your needs.

Templates in Tabidoo