How to add new record to the table

How to add a new records in a table

Manage your records

  • In the main menu above your data, you can find these options:
How to manage your records in a table

1) Add - Select this option if you want to add a new record to your table.

2) Edit - Edit your records whenever needed. Simply click on the record you want to edit and select this option (you can also click twice on the selected record).

3) Delete - If you want to delete any record, select it and click on "Delete". In case you want to delete more records, use the shortcuts Ctrl or Shift.

Edit your data directly in the table

  • Did you know in Tabidoo you can directly edit your records as you know it from Excel?
How to edit your data directly in a table
  • All you have to do is to open the settings of the selected table and click on the option "Allow direct (inline) edit in the grid"
How to edit your data directly in a table
  • Afterwards, you can turn on and off the direct edit whenever needed by clicking on "EDIT" in the left-down corner of the table.