Tabidoo is a system for creating tables and lists of tables. Thanks to them, you can organize your data, have everything in one place, share it with your colleagues, get rid of any clutter you have in your data or the folders on your computer.

Simply put, it is used for record keeping of data. Whether you are planning business processes and budgets, creating a customer database, planning content on social networks, or you want to share the inventory with your colleagues, in Tabidoo you can create a simple application which allows you to record, share, edit, and manage all your data in an organized manner.

What Tables look like in Tabidoo

In Tabidoo you can

  • create tables and group them into applications
  • filter data
  • track changes and modifications
  • securely protect your data
  • integrate Excel and dozens of other programs
  • share data with colleagues
  • create lists and checklists
  • create calendars
  • report data
  • and much more

In Tabidoo, you do not pay for individual users, but for the volume of shared data. It is therefore suitable for large companies and organizations as well.

Users are invited to Tabidoo by e-mail. You can set unique access rights for each application. Thanks to this, Tabidoo is a reliable guardian with whom your data is safe.