Tabidoo is a great platform, which is used mainly without any need to write a single line of code. However, there are situations, which are much easier to solve by coding. As Tabidoo is used for advanced and customized solutions, there is a possibility to add some javascript to its behaviour.

You can use scripting in these situations:

  • You need to prefill a computed value for a new line.
  • You need to hide/show inputs during form edit. Based on inserted values.
  • You need to enable/disable inputs during form edit. Based on inserted values.
  • You want to do an advanced validation, show messages based on current data.
  • You need to create record in another table, after some kind of changes.
  • You want to call some API after save.
  • ...

Even the scripting is very simple with Tabidoo, it is much easier in case you know something about javascript ;)


  • The intellisense is accessible after pressing Ctrl+Space
  • When you type doo. you receive the list of next functions.
  • Scripting language is javascript. Use the version supported by browser you plan to use.
Scripting in the Table definition menu


In case, you are not sure, how the model object looks like or what the value of a variable is, check the value in the developer console of the browser


Or you can debug your javascript step by step and check values of variables and so on in the developer console of the browser using debugger command in your code (be sure to delete it when done :))


You can open the developer console by pressing F12 in Chrome/Edge browser or CTRL+SHIFT+I in Opera browser and similarly in other browsers.