So lets say you have arranged your data. You have ordered grid by a column, you have changed the order of columns and you want to remember this view for the next time. The last state is always remembered, however you can have more views you want to remember.

There is a possibility to save the view, as you have it on a screen. Data order, columns order, type of view (grid or card), filter ... all of these things can be saved.

So in Task schema, you can have a shortcut to active tasks or closed ones. You can setup your own filter for your task. Some of the saved settings you can put to the main menu bar, so they are accessible immediately.

There are two types of settings:

  • Personal - only an author can see it and use it.
  • Global - everybody can see it. Only admin can create/change it.

You are able to put any view settings on the main bar.

When you choose to add a new view setting, the current state is saved!

When you change an existing one, you can choose whether you are changing only a name, or if the whole setting will be replaced by the current state.