First - we don't want to reinvent a wheel. And we don't want to create another application for report creating, when there are so many of them already done.

tabidoo uses Stimulsoft engine for reports. So if you need any kind of help with the report definition, here is the link for the documentation.

And for the tabidoo part of game:

When you need to use reports in an application, you need to download the support from Marketplace.

Then you should see a new schema Reports in your application. And you can start to add some.

Report data source

First you need to define the data source. A report without data is quite useless, isn't it?

There are three types of data source today:

  • Schema - schema data. You can create a list report, or one row report.
  • One row report - if you tick this choice, the report will print only the selected row(s). In case you check "Load links", all of the linked schema data will be loaded for the row.
  • Custom api - you can use any web api here.
  • In case of reading data from an api, you need to define, in which schema the report is going to be visible.
  • The call for data can be done from browser or server (to avoid problem with CORS). URL should be filled into the Path field.
  • Definition from schema Datasources - you can download an extension from Marketplace, which adds the possibility for defining your custom queries into the system. Very useful, if you need to join data from more schemas, do some aggregations etc.

User data filter

  • Allow - user can change the filter. It will be displayed just before report preview to the user.
  • Allow, use grid filter - the filter from grid is auto-filled. User can change that.

Fixed where

You can put a filter to the report. It will be applied prior to user filter. So user can only narrow the filter you define here.

After adjusting the data source you can start to define the report in the Designer section. The report designer documentation is out of scope of this document. Can be found here.