Marketplace is the place, where you can download a new application, append new schemas into an existing application or extend it.

Everybody can share an application to the Marketplace.

Applications are divided into these main types:

  • Applications - an application created by someone and published
  • Extension - an application, which supposed to extend the standard tabidoo functionality. You can extend your application by adding supports for reporting, extend user access control etc.

When you want to download a new application, you can do it from the main page with applications by "Add application"

Download from Marketplace

You can merge schemas from Marketplace into an existing application. Just select Add schema in your application and go to Marketplace.

If there is a new version of an application in the Marketplace, you can update the application in the same way as you downloaded it. Just go to Marketplace from the application.

You can adjust the application you have downloaded as you need. You are not able to delete schema items and change their types. However you can hide them, and you can add new items, links, reports etc.

When you download the same market application again into the same application of you, it is just updated. All data are preserved of course. However you can loose some adjustment you made.

Application extensions

What does it mean? Why extension looks like an application?

Extension is something that changes the behavior of tabidoo. If you add reports extension, you can define your reports. And print menu will appear in selected schemas.

If you add notifications, you can receive emails in case of data change.

We treat extensions as normal schemas, so you are able to control access to them. You can adjust and extend them as any part of tabidoo.

Publish to Marketplace

Any application you created you can publish to the Marketplace for others. It is nice to plan it in advance, so you first create the application just for Marketplace, put some demo data into it. And if you plan to use it by yourself, you should download it from Marketplace. If you do it this way, you are able to adjust the application without affecting the Marketplace version. And you are able to define some nice demo data as well.