Let's say, you want to add values from one schema to another schema. You have e. g. list of cars and list of people. And you want to assign the people to a car - as a responsible person, driver etc.

That's time for a special schema item type: schema link.

Schema link has a name as any other item. Then you need to choose destination schema. And link type.

  • One to One - In our example, one car can be assigned to one person. And one person can be assigned only to one car.
  • One to Many/ Many to One - it depends from which schema you create the link. You can say here e. g. that one person can be assigned to many cars. However one car is always assigned only to one person.
  • Many to Many - One person can be assigned to many cars. And one car can be connected with many people.
Link definition
Choice from linked schema in edit form, link many cars to one driver
Cars to drivers, link many to many type