So, this is the most technical part of the tabidoo. It is really easy - if you have tried to do some JavaScript (or similar) programing.

You haven't? Please, contact us. We will manage to help you. We will be glad to help you!

So what you can use the JavaScript for?

  • you need to change, what attribute is required, for different values in a record during an item editing
  • you need to hide or show some inputs dynamically
  • you want to prefill some values
  • you want to show some message box during edit
  • etc.

JavaScript can be found in advanced settings:

The JavaScript editor has build in an intellisense (Ctrl+Enter).

Script types

  • On model load - this script will run just once, when you open a form for a record
  • On model change - this script will run once the form is open and then again any tome, the record is changed (by typing into inputs, selecting from dropdown ...)
  • Before model save - this script will run, after you push the Save button. Obviously. :)