• Text - use any time you don't find a better field type.
  • Radio - a choice, where you can choose just one value.
  • Chat - a complex input, where you can store a discussion. It is not a live chat!
  • Long text - rich text with formatting, bold, colors etc.
  • Dropdown - one choice again. Just another graphical presentation.
  • Multichoice - multiple choice from values.
  • Date - date without time.
  • Date time
  • Yes no
  • Money - decimal value with formatting and two decimal places.
  • Decimal - very similar to Money type. More decimal places.
  • Number - integer number. Please see our description lower, what is number and what is a text containing only numbers. There is a big difference.
  • Picture - you can attach picture(s) to the record. It can make your data looks really cool.
  • Files - attachments. One or more files.
  • System value - you can access data like created date, who modified it etc.

Secret tip

Stickers - in case o Dropdown or Radio, you can use Stickers to make the choice prettier.

Stickers in a grid

Difference between text and number


Something, you can compare. Salary: 1 000 000 > 1 000
You can divide: Pieces 20, shared by 5 people = 4

Not a number

Zip code. 987998. It is an identifier. Not a number. You don't care, which one is bigger. You will never divide it.

Cell phone number 0420 738 246 506

Account number. This is not a number.

Id card number. Pin. These are not numbers. There are identifiers containing only numbers. However you don't care about a value. So it is not a number.

If 0124 is not the same as 124, it is not a number.