If you are done with your application and you already set the users rights, you can share the application with your colleagues by sending them an invitation.

There are three ways how to invite users into an application:

1) After downloading the extension Users and Roles, two new tables will be added into your application - User and Role. In the table Role you can set rights for each user and in the table User you can invite users by adding new records and entering their email address.  Login must be always entered as an e-mail!

How to invite users to an application

2) The second way to invite user into an app is to click on the upper button Invite. A user will be then invited into the app and will appear in the table Users.

How to invite users to an application

3) You can also invite a user by selecting the option Invite users in the settings of the application. The user will be afterwards automatically added into the table Users.

How to invite users to an application

After inviting the user into an app, the invited user will receive by email an invitation to enter the application in Tabidoo.

The invitation for entering an application in Tabidoo