To generate automatic number in Tabidoo follow these steps:

1) Add a new field, select field type "Number"  

2) In the Advanced features select the option - "Automatic identifier 1...x"

In case you have any leading figure by which should the number begin (for example 900001), please follow these instructions:

- Add another field, select field type "Calculated field" and in formula edit select the previous field "Number" (With setup Automatic indentifier) from the right column and add "+ the leading figure" - for example: "Number+900000".

In case you want to add any prefix to this number, please follow these instructions:

-Instructions are the same as the previous example except, to the formula editor it is essential to enter: "'prefix'+Number.toString();" At place of 'prefix' please place the text which you want your number to include.

In the case you want to mix these two options mentioned before, please follow these instructions:

-Enter "'prefix' + (Number+900000).toString();" to the Formula editor.

If you want to hide these fields in the table or in the edit form, open the advanced features and click on the option "Show in grid"/ "Show in edit form". For more information, please visit the chapter - Advanced Features in Table Fields.