Tabidoo has prepared for you a pre-prepared Digital Company solution for your immediate work. This solution has been put together based on several years of experience with in-house processes that are implemented in most companies.

Ditch your cluttered solutions and start digitizing your business today!

Digital company from

The aim of the Digital Company application is to offer a box solution for small and medium-sized companies that often keep their operational agendas in complex excel spreadsheets or papers. Well, since everything in a company is related to everything, with Tabidoo you will have all the spreadsheets connected to each other, giving you a complete overview of your company's operations.

Our solution is like a lego building block and if anything doesn't suit you, you can customize Digital Company to your exact needs without having to program or order anything. For more information about how to customize the Digital company click HERE.

No matter where you are currently located, you can access your company and its operations online at any time.

The application consists of the following agendas:

1) Human Resources

  • Staff records in one place

2) Business

  • An innovative CRM system

4) Property

  • Overview of company assets

5) Operations

  • Operational records under control

6) Documents

  • Company documentation management

In these five basic agendas, you will find the necessary tables and structures in which to carry out daily operations. The main advantage is the ability to link the tables to each other, control access to data, keep track of important deadlines and have the data clearly and in one place.