The dashboard can help you to keep the most important recods of the table in one place.

How to add a new empty dashboard to an app

To make a new Dashboard you just have to Add new table and select from the options Add empty Dashboard.

How to add a new empty Dashboard to an app

After entering and saving the Dashboard name and appropriate icon, you can change it whenever by clicking on Settings or you are able to Copy, Edit or Remove the dashboard.

Settings of Dashboard table

By clicking on Edit dashboard, you are free to add widgets into the dashboard by selecting the upper option - Add widget. Then you can select a widget type and add it into dashboard.

You are able to add only widgets in this table.

How to Add Widgets into the Dashboard

How to keep records and dashboard in one table

You just have to click on settings of the appropriate table where you want to add dashboard and select option Edit dashboard. Afterwards, you just follow the previous steps - add widget, select the widget type and place it up or down from the table.

How to keep records and dashboard in one table


Each Dashboard consists of widgets. Those widgets can have many forms:

Types of widgets in Tabidoo