When you add a schema, you need to give it a name. And icon. Simple as pie. ☺

In advanced mode you can add a description for Marketplace or adjust some behaviors, when you publish it.

After confirming this step, you will define items of the schema.

So here are some attributes of the item (schema link will be explained later):

Schema item attributes


  • Field header - just a header ☺📬
  • Field type - it is explained in Inputs types chapter.
  • Required - if the items is required on edit form.


  • Description - shows as a tooltip in grid/form.
  • Show in grid - you can hide or show items in grid. Too many items in grid make the screen messy.
  • Show in the record description - I have no idea, what that means. Sorry ☺
  • Import key column - if you want to identify records during export/import from excel, this is the unique value.
  • Frequently searched column - you can speed up filtering grid, if you mark your favorite search criteria.
  • Unique column - the system will not allow to store duplicates into this column.
  • Category - very nice feature. If you find out, that your input form is too large and confusing, you can divide this form into more Categories. So the input form will have more sections/tabs.
  • Show in separated tab - Some inputs - like "Long text", "Chat" ... take a lot of space on a screen. You can move them to a tab - so they will be placed at the bottom of the form.

and others option. You will probably never need them ☺

Code, Date ... are headers of schema items
Required field, Description and Discussion in bottom tabs