You can use your data in any application, in your HTML pages.

In tabidoo there is an interface to load the data from tabidoo into your HTML page

(However this is a temporary solution, which is going to be replaced in future.)

Don't publish any secret data!

So how you can do it?

When you are in a schema (as an admin of course), you can see an icon for advanced settings.

When you open the Advanced settings, the second tab is for "Publish data". After confirmation you will receive an address to access your data.

The address will work for everybody, who has it. The address is unique - it is your secret. When you use it on a client side, everybody can read it. So, don't publish any sensitive data.

The link is only for reading data. There is no way to change your data, even if you share the link.

You can pause the sharing anytime. And run it again.

If you stop the sharing, it is invalidated in the system and the link will never work again. The new one will be created next time you start sharing data.

So, what is it good for? You can use tabidoo to define, what kind of food you will serve tomorrow. It is not secret, so you can publish it. You are able to load it into your web page, so everybody knows, what's going on the next day. You don't need to change the source HTML code every day. Just use a luxury tabidoo interface to input data and let programmers to implement the presentation part. In that case tabidoo is used  as a back-end for e-shops etc.